The Orphanages

Thanlyin is a small town in the vicinity of Yangon, Myanmar’s economic center. In 2008, thanks to the support of a sponsor, we started construction there of the first orphanage – House Elisabeth – which opened doors to the first 15 boys in 2009. In 2013, the girls’ orphanage, House Teresa, launched operations. To have separate houses for girls and boys is a requirement in Myanmar. The children come from different regions all over the country, some of them from ethnic conflict areas. Some of them are half-orphans, whose parents are too poor to bring them up. The Ministry of Social Welfare assigns them to our orphanages and expects these regularly. All children share a difficult childhood, affected by violence, fear and deprivation. They have deserved our care and our devotion.

Our values and principles

To feel sheltered you need love and qualified care

A devoted couple is directing our orphanages and qualified attendants and tutors take care of the children, with love and caring discipline. They look after healthy and balanced food, medical care and hygiene.

Education secures the future

Our children receive a sound foundation to lead independent lives when adult. They attend the public school in Thanlyin and receive further training at the orphanage – be it private lessons in school subjects or training in English and computer skills. Once they have finished school, we organize places for training and help them with their first steps into professional life. Thanks to scholarships by Stiftung Life, the most gifted scholars can continue studies at university.

Leisure time opens up horizons

Having fun, playing and sports are important for body and soul. And they foster the striking team spirit and cohesion these children showcase. The orphanages have space dedicated to football and dance. The children get swimming instruction and whenever the budget allows, they leave for an excursion to get to know their home country.

Support us

As a sponsor, godparent,
with donations in kind or cash or training positions

For happy, healthy and educated children – radiating optimism and confidence!