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Myanmar Development Aid e.V. – MDA

As a non-profit-making charitable association we are sponsoring projects in Myanmar together with our partners on the spot. When in 2008 the devastating typhoon Nargis hit the country and dispossessed many people of their livelihood, we took the initiative to found the MDA. Since then, what started as emergency aid has developed into a long-term initiative.

Children are the most vulnerable members of a society. And they are the foundation of a better future: their health, safety and education.

In the orphanages Myitar Yaung Chi near Yangon, children from the most disadvantaged groups get more than a shelter, safe and caring home. We support them with education and training throughout their schooling and take care of their first steps into professional life.

Support us at the MDA – so that we can offer a home and a future to even more children!

MDA Newsletter 2/2021


Update from the Orphanages

Referring to the incidents beginning of February, we would like to inform you about the current situation in Myanmar. It is far too early to evaluate the whole situation. However, the development in the short period of time is not alarming.

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